Selfish Mother #GoodTees


I’ve banged on about sweatshirts on here quite a bit, but they are a staple item of anyone’s wardrobe and it’s surprisingly difficult to find a good one.

So, for my *fanfare* 100th blog post (!) I wanted to share a brilliant find (and an amazing story) with you.


I am beyond thrilled with my new grey marl number from Selfish Mother. But it’s not just the perfect slouchy soft sweater.

Brilliant blogzine AND top t-shirt geniuses (geniii?) Selfish Mother designed it to show solidarity for YAZIDI women.


All profits from sales of this ‘Y’ (and also the ‘Strong’ one) go to YAZDA, an amazing charity who support the Yazidi community in the aftermath of the recent genocide perpetrated by ISIL.

In 2014 five to seven thousand people, mostly women and children were abducted or killed and 400,000 were displaced from their  homelands in Northern Iraq.

Many Yazidi women stayed and fought on the front line with Kurdish women fighters against ISIL’s advancement. Others have had to defend themselves and their families as they escaped from ISIL forces. Thousands have been abducted, raped and sold as brides for fighters.

YAZDA’s key objective is to support Yazidi women and girls who have escaped ISIL enslavement.

They also campaign the government not to forget that thousands of people are still held by ISIL. Watch a video about them and their work here.

AND if you haven’t already discovered Selfish Mother sign up and have a read OR write a blog yourself.

Not only is it a welcome platform for funny, thought provoking writing and vlogging on parenthood, it’s fast becoming a fundraising and campaigning powerhouse.

The brainchild of journalist Molly Gunn and her husband Tom Mangan of Millionhands clothing, their #GoodTees range has raised over £140,000 for charities such as YAZDA, Women for Women International, KIDS, Help Refugees UK, The Refugee Council and Mothers2Mothers.

So pop along and have a browse in the shop knowing that if you treat yourself you’re also putting some cash where it really counts. Have a look here.

Thanks for reading, hope you’re all enjoying the weekend.



  1. Thanks so much – this is an ace post which is completely spot on. It is tragic what has happened and is still happening to the Yazidi Community ;( So far we’ve raised $7199 for Yazda and hope to raise more soon – thanks for helping us spread the love and share the word. We’ve got it soo lucky here in war-free UK & we have the power to make a difference (albeit through the power of nice clothes).x


    • Thanks Molly, well done to you guys for coming up with a brilliant idea: really nice gear which raises loads of cash for these inspiring groups like YAZDA. Ethical consumerism + activism is the way forward. Loving your work!x


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