Labels I Love: ASOS WHITE

I wore one of my favourite dresses for work today. It was this number from ASOS White  last season AW15/16 which I actually bought to take to Venice for my 40th birthday but today saw me through a 3 hour commute involving a rail replacement bus service (lol.)

It’s so versatile, really comfortable, equally glam and slouchy and has worn so well, goes in the machine. It’s a total staple. But this got me thinking, who is making ‘go-to’ dresses these days.

By that  I mean, who is making dresses which can tick the boxes marked ‘multi purpose’, ‘occasion’ / ‘office’ / ‘comfort’ / ‘glamour’ / ‘quality’ / ‘price’ / ‘sleeves’ and hell, even ‘pockets’ or even …(steady on) ‘machine-washable’?!?! #Amiriteladies?

These surely are the holy grail of the modern woman’s wardrobe.

Something which wouldn’t look out of place at the Biennale. But just as appropriate at a neighbours BBQ or even snazzying up your Monday morning meeting. Something you could wear on a plane or sitting at a desk all day and be totes comfy. But also which you could happily team with heels, trainers or flippin’ clogs. You know,  the kinda thing Whistles perfected back in the day, before Jane Shepherdson left for Topshop. *sad face*

Whoever makes these really does possess the golden ticket, because everyone needs one in their wardrobe. But they’re surprisingly hard to come by. Cos, Stories and now Finery are having a bash at it. Toast used to hold their end up but seem to have lost the plot IMO.

So now it really is just good old ASOS White ploughing that lonely but essential furrow.

So bloody well done to them.

I wanted to alert you to this fact firstly because it is my duty to spread the word. Word.

But also because they still happen to have some hefty end of season reductions going on and you really need to be all over that.

The sale ones are mostly AW15/16 but even if you’re the kind of gal who gives a hoot about that, and I can’t imagine you are if you’re reading this blog ; ) FEAR NOT! Because ASOS White is so directional and fashion forward you will still look like you’re ‘from the future’ rather than ‘now’.

Which is just what you want, because let’s face it, ‘now’ is so last week.

Anyway here’s a handful of frocks…


White Printed Ovoid Wrap Dress £80


Extreme Frill Denim Dress £65


Funnel Neck Shift Dress in Mixed Organza £52


Ovoid Wrap Dress in Chambray Denim £75


Satin Midi Dress with Pocket Detail £75


Funnel Neck Midi in Block Stripe £63

Ps I love this last one, it’s pretty much the same as my navy one and I heart a bit of pink n’ red, but I’m worried I might look like Arnold Palmer’s Trouser meets OAP wheeled shopping trolley. But maybe that could work as a look? What do you think?

Even if you’re not in the market for a dress have a look at the range there’s some really cool stuff to suit all tastes, ages and budgets.

And let me know what you think below the line. Thanks for reading! x

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