Summer Wish List

Summer holidays are fast approaching and like many of you I’ve been mentally drawing up an list of essentials and oh…some not really essential but lovely to have anyway.

Here’s a peek into my virtual shopping basket. Hopefully at least some of them will make it into my ‘IRL’ reusable carrier.


This Honey Punch T Shirt Dress £35 ticks several boxes on the summer dress checklist for me.

  1. Totally gorge. So pretty and looks way more expensive than it actually is. So therefore also
  2. Cheap.
  3. Versatile. It would be equally suitable for office or hols, or even a wedding?
  4. Flattering. Both with neutral colours which would flatter any skin tone and even a bit of sleeves and neck for those who prefer not to let is all hang out in a summer / spaghetti strap frenzy.


tan3I’ve been waiting to give this a go Vita Liberata Self Tan £19.50

You’ll notice that a lot more of my skincare and beauty recommends are on a natural tip. This year has been about trying products with less chemicals and non more toxic than DHA and all the crap which the fake tan market is awash with.

I’m not yet ready to spend Summer with my au naturel pale n’ interesting on display and neither am I going to sit outside and actually tan. (I mean who does that, these days?)

So this non-toxic, Irish based range is next up on my ‘must try’ list.


I’m overdue a new pair of running shoes. As much as I love their sportswear and classic pumps for fashion use, I will not be buying another pair of Adidas again. Not to run in, soz. Just don’t get it at all. I do love a bit of Asics which I’m not sure can be beaten on the technical front but running shoes are so bloody expensive I’d like to be able to wear mine for all purposes. With this in mind I’ll be returning to the Nike fold. To be honest I’ll probably go back to my fave runner of all time and get something from the Air Pegasus family, or maybe try the Zoom Odyssey (anyone had a go on these? What did you think?) But in the mean time I’m seriously eyeing up these adorable Nike Air Huarache Run £95 because, well, just look at them!


I’m seriously late to Niod, part of the Deciem revolution. I know a lot of you have been raving about the products for a while, but hey, I had a lot of other lotions and potions to get through! Finally though this and some of their other stuff is going into The Summer Regimen. Niod Copper Amino Isolate Serum £38 Their philosophy of cultivating and maintaining skin ‘health’ rather than ‘anti-ageing’ as such is one which is taking hold and starting to permeate many areas of the beauty and skincare industry. It’s a growing and very welcome trend and this summer I’ll be hitching up to the bandwagon and trying to find out whether it actually works and makes me look any younger. :p


I bought my first pair of Quay Australia shades earlier this year and haven’t looked back.  This rose gold pair Higher Love £28 have caught my eye.

Little ondine

And finally: who really wants to brave sandal season without a little flash of colour on their toes?

But with recent revelation that conventional nail polish is at worst disrupting our endocrine system and at best dehydrating and ruining our nail bed, it’s high time we gave some of the innovative and game changing natural brands a go.

like an orangey, corally red for summer so Little Ondine Nail Polish ‘Ibiza’ £9.50 will be my go to polish.

Do any of these take your fancy? What’s on your Summer hit list?

Let me know in the comments section. Hope you’re all enjoying the lovely sunny weekend.


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