How to get Swell Hair

At time of going to press, we’re not 100% sure of the identity of ‘Becky With The Good Hair’ – what we do know is it’s highly likely her hairdresser is Andrew Bidwell.

Okay, I might have completely made that up, but Bidwell whose transformative Swell haircare system has built a rep as the man who can fix damaged hair and enhance fine or thinning locks with a non-silicon / natural product based range of products.

I met Andrew in the week at Cavendish Blow Dry Bar where he talked me through the idea behind the products, you can read more about it here but the overall aim is to nourish and protect the hair from within, rather than coat it with slippery, chemical products beloved of most mass market ranges.

I was particularly interested to find out if there was any hope for my hair after the trauma inflicted by my exploits with bleach OR whether I just have to grow out the damage (tricky, when breakage is a factor.)

Andrew tested my hair to see just how unhappy it was. Check out the right angle test below – ‘hair just shouldn’t do that’ he told me. Okay, okay, I feel bad enough!! ; )

He then explained that all was not lost and rather than using chemical based anti breakage products, this system would hydrate the hair AND encourage growth. His Root Complex product actively encourages your hair follicles to spring into action. And this could be a potential problem solver for those of you suffering post partum hair loss – an issue which I know bothers many women. Or even those recovering from chemotherapy.

He also told me that my usual method of hair washing was probably adding to the damage, we’ve been doing it wrong, people! Check out this method in the video here and see the condition of your hair improve.

After a wash and blowdry with the products, my hair did feel amazing and has remained feeling in excellent condition all week. I’m going to start using the products from now on, this house is now a silicon free zone!

I would say the range is suitable for anyone, but particularly those with fine hair, curly hair, damaged, thinning hair or those who want to encourage growth.

If you’ve tried it or are one of the legions of Swell devotees who would not use anything else, let me know in the comments section.

And check out my little vlog here, where you get to see Andrew explain it all in person.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend x


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