Labels I Love: Minkie

I’m the kind of woman who would wear a sweatshirt 24 / 7/ 365.

Bed, work, dinner out. I even planned to wear one to my friend’s 40th birthday party (dress code ‘Glam’) until she put her foot down. “But it’s a glam sweatshirt!” I protested. No dice. I wore a dress in the end.

But given this exhaustive devotion of the jumper genre I’m always on the lookout for a new fix.

Having gone through pretty much everything in Topman (female sweater / knitwear fans this is where it’s at!) I found myself in the basement of Topshop Oxford Circus where I discovered Minkie London.

They make beautifully crafted statement oversized sweatshirts like these beauties.

Black & Grey Top £52

I think this would possibly go ‘up there’ on my ultimate jumpers of all time list.

Monochrome Top £48

Lovely fresh and summery. More of a top but with a sweatshirt cut.

and then this Black Chevron Top £48

check out the sleeves! *faints*

BUT there’s much more to Minkie than sweatshirts.

You can browse the full collection online at their website or also on ASOS Marketplace there’s blousy tops, comfy slouchy dresses, knockout dresses AND outerwear galore.

Unsurprisingly the designers are from a textile background and the collection uses cool and original looking fabrics which you won’t see elsewhere on the high street.

Everything falls in the £30-70 price bracket which is excellent value.

And every item comes one size to flatter all sizes and shapes.

There’s something for everyone.

Here are my picks from the range below.

Crop Top with Sequin Applique £35

Is it a banana? Or a crescent moon? Who cares? It’s HAWT!

Blue Peplum Dress £52

This is going into my new ‘BEST HOLIDAY PACK’ category.

Perfect chambray slouchiness to take you from beachy strolls to market mooches to museum exploration to cafe cappuccinos and all the way back to delayed flight, massive ferry queues, travel sick toddler and whiny pre-teens. YEAH! Bring it on!

Black Laser Top £55


This is a statement top and a half. You would usually pay a lot more for this kind of laser cutting detail. Wear this and gesticulate the evening away knowing that you look like an exotic and deadly moth*.

*Can moths be deadly? Please advise.

Pink Peplum Dress £55


So, pretty. A fondant fancy summer outfit which says ‘occasion’ but also ‘comfy’ and ‘eat all you like’ and those 3 elements RARELY go together.

Gold & Silver Maxi Dress £62

This is divine.

Studio 54 meets red-carpet meets bridal. I would even get married in this.

Provided I had a white sweatshirt in my trousseau for later, obvs! ; )

I’m off to pop all these in my virtual basket then whittle them down to NEED, WANT and MUST HAVE (subtle differences I grant you) but which is your favourite?

Have a look at the collection and let me know.

Thanks for reading.x

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