Spring Necklines

The daffs are out, Easter’s on it’s way and British Summer Time starts next week!

So it’s time to put away your chunky scarfs and polo necks and bare a bit of neck, shoulders and décolletage.

It might still be only 8 degrees Celsius, but two inescapable trends are the off the shoulder (or Bardot) tops and the Criss Cross tie neckline. Not sure if this is what they’re called. What else would you call it? New romantic pirate?

Anyway, while it’s nice to bare a shoulder when possible, I must admit I was resistant to the tie neckline thing.

Possibly because it reminds me of the Manchester United 90’s kit which brings me out in hives just thinking about it.

But the many pretty variations this season have won me over.  It can be quite a sexy look though so bear that in mind everyone getting a bit of an eyeful.

There’s loads of options to choose from but I’ve stuck my neck out (sorry) and picked my favourite looks for tops and dresses.

Up first this lovely  Boohoo Off the shoulder ruffle top £18



Looks way more expensive than it is and there’s hella lot of fabric in here. For me an off the shoulder top needs to have a fair amount of heft or structure to balance out the fact that your shoulders are, like, totes nekkid.

Then this Zara Frilled Poplin Shirt £22.99 has been on all the blogger wanted lists and rightly so it’s very pretty and wearable.

zara 1

zara 3

Plus for the uninitiated shoulder-barer it’s an accessible halfway house, giving you that extra bit of cover AND you can wear a normal bra. Bonus.

Check out the lovely print on this Topshop Retro Bardot Frill off the shoulder top £24



Very pretty and wearable, perfect for a summer’s day, bbq, festival, sitting in your gypsy caravan eating a flake etc.

Now, Lord knows I love a bit of chambray, it’s always fresh, goes with anything and suits everybody so this ASOS Denim Off the Shoulder £28 is going in my virtual basket.


asos 3


This Tularosa Taylor Off Shoulder Dress £130 was by far the prettiest off the shoulder dress I looked at, perfect for your hols.

tularosa 2

Tularosa 1

And now the Robin Hood tops (no, that’s no good either.)

This is the one I’m wearing. It comes in cream, terracotta (or RUST!) and this pretty red. Topshop Tie Front Top £18

topshop tie 1

topshop tie 2

topshop tie 3

For a less hoochy way to wear your tie front, lovely paisley print from Zara.

Pompom Tunic £22

zara tie

zara tie 3

zara tie2

Such a bargain for only £22!

Hmm this H&M Long Sleeved Body £24.99 is not for the faint hearted. hm1



But yeah, come on…it’s a winner.

Thought I’d mix things up a bit by throwing in this Vero Moda Lace Back Rib Dress £40 veromoda2

vero moda 1

Well the tie front neck line doesn’t have to be at the front does it? Cunning.

And if jaded Tyrolean Milkmaid is your thing (and it’s definitely mine) then have a look at  Les Ecole Des Femmes Milkmaid Dress $199

milkmaid 2

I wrote about this label a few weeks ago, if you like the cut of their jib have a look at more of their stuff online. Gorgeous, playful and interesting clothes which tell a story.

Like this secret agent Jane Bond here Les Ecoles Des Femme Jane Bondage Dress $399


For your eyes only. Yowser.

Will you be trying either of these necklines?

Or have you already taken the plunge and bought something for your Spring / Summer wardrobe?

Let me know, in the comments section. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.



  1. I was going to include that amazing blue chambray top from ASOS in my post yesterday but it was completely sold out. Such a bore because it is simply stunning!!

    Liked by 1 person

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