Mom’s the Word

The love affair with skinny jeans had to end one day.


And although the long term relationship which started the minute Kate Moss first skanked down to the Groucho in her Superfines is not entirely over, after more than a decade it’s fair to say we were ready, primed even, for a new jean in our lives.


ririAt first there was a brief fling with The Boyfriend. The baggy, drop waisted antithesis of the Skinny, this effortless casual and androgynous look transformed our summer with it’s easy affinity for birkenstocks, pumps or even a heel but it lost it’s charm by winter. For me at least the Boyfriend was a summer fling and there he stays, pleasing enough and I daresay he’ll make a reappearance once it’s sandal weather.


But sometimes you need a bit more strength, support and goddamn taking care of business type attitude.

random mom

Enter THE MOM (who else, right?)

This high waisted, tapered leg fit started out as a man-repelling and anti-fashion jean ushered onto the scene after a head-on collision between the 90’s revival and the Chung-led Normcore revolution (to the barricades ladies, in your sensible court shoes!) 


But it’s recently evolved. Whereas initially it was purely for the 20-something hardcore fashionista, a welcome bit of whittling by high street brands mean it’s crossed over into the main stream and some new fits mean there is a Mom for everyone. (Quite right, too.)

There’s even an SNL skit on the matter, so they have definitely arrived. And I say, let the actual Mom’s reclaim the Mom from the Millennial parody-Mom’s and wear them with authority and (Mother’s) pride.

The most recent addition to the Mom repertoire is the ‘Rigid Mom.’ With it’s no messin’ proper old-skool tough denim, there’s no doubt it’s a serious trouser.

While the plus side of skinnies was that they offered comfort via their stretchiness, in reality they were so full of give they would need constant hoiking as they repeatedly slid down your arse. OR if you tried to mitigate this by buying a size too small, you’d run the risk of cutting off the blood supply to your calves.

The Rigid Mom performs like an all encompassing, suck you in, tuck you in, tum, waist and hips and not budge an inch.

I admit I resisted ‘The Mom’ for quite a while. Something about it’s resolute 2 fingers up to being aesthetically pleasing or flattering in anyway irked me. And despite being a fan of Seinfeld, I had no desire to look like him. Or like Steve Jobs delivering a keynote.

But as all we all know, you can resist The Mom for a long as you like until eventually you’ll realise she was right about absolutely bloody everything.

Also, the ubiquity and prettiness of all the Mom-Jean stylings in the various fashion week street-style photo spreads recently has kind of worn me down.

Then I actually tried some on and the comfort factor shot through the roof. I gave in.

The latest exciting and sexier version of The Mom, is Levi’s new Wedgie fit, which Kylie Jenner recently Instagrammed the shit out of. Levi’s claim the fit will ‘lift and separate’ (?!) your cheeks, giving you a slight wedgie but making your bum look amaze. But a word of caution, shop around for the right Mom for you. A wedgie at the back may be acceptable but depending on the waist height to leg length ratio you could also end up with a front wedgie, aka camel toe. Heaven forfend!


The Wedgie also has a summery, cut off hem which makes them slightly more wearable and attractive to the legion of  fashion-ankle bearers out there.



But they are £95, sadly not that pricey for a jean these days, but too much for many.

And although they will have the quality and durability you expect with Levi’s you could, like me, just get a cheaper ASOS Mom Jean and slice off the ends to achieve the look. (Just don’t tell Levi’s!)

Anyway, if that’s whetted your appetite rather than sent you running for the hills, have a look at this High St Mom edit and see if any take your fancy.

asos 1

These are the ones I’ve gone for and am considering customising ‘Wedgie’ style, as usual ASOS have plenty of affordable options but these are amongst the nicest ASOS Farleigh Mom Jean in Dallas Wash £32

topshop 1

Likewise there are plenty of varieties and colours for a decent price at Topshop. These are the Topshop Moto Dark Blue Mom Jean £40


Also love these fresh summery Cheap Monday Donna mid blue straight leg jeans £55

If you’re happy to splash out and are a fan of beautiful quality denim, check out the Madewell Cruiser Straight Crop Jean £100

And last but not lease the Levi Wedgie Jean £95


What’s your take on the Mom? Are you a fan? And what will you wear it with? Ri-Ri style crop top or a sensible fleece / jumper with an applique Alsation?

Let me know, or better still, post a pic in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.



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