Mother’s Day Treats


Just in case you need some last minute shopping inspo OR need to throw out some serious hints for stuff you’d like to receive: here are some ideas.

I’ve followed a bit of a colour palette theme here, everything catching my eye (and nose) at the moment is rose, rose gold, copper and luckily all are omnipresent in beauty and fashion at the moment. So not only will your gift be lovely, it will be bang on trend.

First up: Nails!


Little Ondine Copper Spark £9

Nail Polish is always a useful and well received gift but can full of such toxic crap, it’s about time someone showed up with a gentler and chemical free alternative. This brand are making headlines with their compound of natural resin, organic colourants and water. It takes a few coats to apply but then peels off up to a week later leaving the nail hydrated and undamaged. A brilliant and innovative idea and an important game changer for the nail polish addicts amongst us.


Aurelia Skincare Cell Repair Oil £45 This all natural, ethically sound probiotic range is lovely. I’m currently testing their enzyme balm so will report back to you on that but this gorgeous Rose based oil is a perfect Mother’s Day gift because money from the sale goes directly to towards The Eve Appeal’s ground-breaking research programme, FORECEE (4C).


FORCEE aims to develop a single test which can predict personal risk of developing four women’s cancers and so save significantly more women’s lives. Read more about it here.


copper pillow1Illuminage Copper Pillow £49.99  Copper is a key buzz ingredient in so many beauty products and health supplements right now but this range from Illuminage is perhaps the most innovative. Made from 100% Copper Oxide Polyester Illuminage claim it’s been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with results visible in 4 weeks. They also do an eye mask if you want to target that specific area.

You can buy it here with 20% off using a discount code CB20 and get it before Sunday 6th!




Topshop Rust Colour Bomber £60  I’ve talked about this before but it seems you really can’t get rid of rust. Since last Autumn it’s proved it has staying power. Maybe it’s the fact it suits and warms almost every skin tone but everyone needs a bit rust in their wardrobe & it seems everyone needs a bomber, so this is a perfect combo.




Sekonda Mixed Metal Watch £89.99  Cor – love this! A masculine watch, for those who can’t be doing with a dainty strap and overly girly timepieces. This balances the classic look with pretty mixed metal vibes which are practical in that they won’t clash with your chosen jewellery, whatever metal you’re wearing. Seriously sexy wrist bling.



Miller Harris Rose Silence £95 a great Mother’s Day themed perfume, the product blurb invokes a weekend lie – in, flowers and a bit of bloody peace and quiet, which are all good boxes to tick for a successful Mother’s Day. I love a bit of floral in a scent, especially rose, so I’m trialling this at the moment, it’s gorgeous.

The sweetness of the rose and the sour, oozy patchouli is undercut by fresh fruity blackcurrant and mandarin bringing the fruit. A lovely, luxurious, complex and long lasting scent perfect for getting you in that Spring-is-just-around-the corner mood! Yay!

I hope those ideas have given you some inspiration, thanks for reading and let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you thought.

And enjoy Sunday, all you Mums out there,  I hope you are properly spoilt. Lots of luck to those trying to make the day special for the Mamas in the house AND of extra love to those who are missing theirs.

Have a lovely weekend.




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