Facial Massage pt 1 – SKINESIS The Facialift

As a long time user of a derma-roller (blog post on these coming soon), I’ve recently been trying to supplement my skincare routine with regular facial massage.

While the needle rollers stimulate the skin’s collagen production for tighter, firmer skin – you can’t beat a good old fashioned kneading to stimulate blood flow and aid lymphatic drainage.

IMG_0441But going out for salon facials is an occasional and pricey treat and doing it yourself at home can be time consuming and boring. So I was excited to finally try the Sarah Chapman ‘Facialift’ massage roller from her Skinesis range which you can see here Sarah Chapman(RRP £25)

The 4 roller heads are designed to mimic top facialist Sarah’s (very own) knuckles and get right in there. And after a bit of trial and error and watching her own demo, here:

Facialift Demonstration  I quickly got the hang of it. It’s a little painful at first, particularly along the jaw, but don’t be deterred. You can do it for a long as you like, 5/10 minutes every night probably would suffice and you can do it on clean dry skin but I used it to massage in serum and night cream.


IMG_0423IMG_0432As you can see from the pics, you use the rollers which part like a wishbone over your jaw, cheeks & neck and use the round disc to tap your eye area & forehead.

You can also use it in the morning to massage in cleanser and give your skin a little boost first thing. We all need a bit of a kickstart to the lymphatic system after lying in bed for a few hours and this is just the job.

I’ve tried lots of massage techniques and for me this has the edge over using your own fingers because it’s quicker and manages to exert way more pressure in a much more precise fashion than you could achieve using your own hands. It also goes without saying that at £25 it’s a fraction of the cost of any facial, not least one of Sarah’s and you can fit it into your daily routine however and whenever you please.

I’m going to use this daily with the derma-roller and see if there’s any noticeable difference.

Have you got any fail- safe facial massage techniques or a favourite facial tool? Please share if so! Hope you’re all having a great Thursday. x


  1. I don’t use tools just yet but I think I might start after reading this review. Generally I’ll use a facial oil or a serum or a balmy type of cream and sit in front of the TV , massage my face using acupressure techniques etc. it really makes a difference. My mom said that the sooner one starts the better, so I started at 23. Lol. Let’s see if it pays of.. If I may pick your brain…What’s your favorite serum to use for this ? Because your skin looks amazing !! X


  2. Oh thank you x I think everyone’s skin benefits from a good prodding (and some low level lighting!) I’m a bit of a serum tart and usually swap around quite a bit but recently have been using the Hylamide (Sub Q Anti Age) one, which has a good concentration of Hyaluronic – and I think dehydration is my main issue so that’s usually what I look for. They also do an eye serum in the same range, which I tried for a little while under eye cream and I think it did help hydrate that area.

    Another good one is the Eucerin Hyaluronic filler (not v nice packaging but good on price and quality of ingredients.)

    Having said that I could do with a bit more firming stuff so might look into that soon.

    I think your Mum is right, start early with the massage and I think that has the edge over products tbh.

    My Mum also tried to have a facial every month. Back in the 80’s she used a lot of Roc / Vichy and Guinot products and loved her Cathiodermie facials and she has great skin for someone in their 70’s. She also did the hilarious facial exercises (A – E – I – O – U!) which I really struggle with tbh although they do have the added benefit of making my 7 yo son hysterical! :-0

    But sounds like you’re getting in really good habits, early on, so it will definitely pay off by the time you’re my age.

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  3. Great post, thanks for sharing. I am on the verge of having Dermaroller or Dermastamp at a local salon with a view to then buy my own to carry on with maintenance at home so I look forward to reading your thoughts on the Dermaroller. I’m hoping it will have a benefit on my lines and wrinkles as they are my biggest problem 😦


    • I’d definitely recommend Dermaroller, I’ve not had a salon one yet but might treat myself to one at the end of the month. Environ are great, just start on one with the smallest needles and do it every night before you put your serum or retinol on – I think they make a difference and improve your skin no end. Go gently though. I was a bit slapdash and stabbed myself in the eye with it the other week :-0 Deffo don’t recommend that! x


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